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Merle Lee

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Kittie Comforting her girl ❤

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Merle Lee

Merle Lee is a beautiful DARK red golden born on the day of love, 2/14/2018. He’s hands down the sweetest relaxed dog. Merle has a one if not the most chill personalities and gives lazy a new meaning. He gets along with all other dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and other farm animals. He has been Nessi’s best friend since the day we brought him home. You can see this in a lot of the pictures I post as he is usually swinging, jumping, swimming, or digging with my daughter. Merle is a big big boy ! He is a gentle giant weighing in at 100lbs of pure love and muscle. (He’s not over weight he’s just that big haha )



Sassenach aka Sassy June is a beautiful sweet girl. Sassy birthday is June 1, 2020. Sassy fits her name to a T as she’s sweet and sassy. She’s has enough energy to make up for Merle and Clancy combined haha. She’s a runner. She needs and loves to run run run !!! She’s incredibly smart and ornery. I could easily watch her all day as she pulls her shenanigans on the other dogs. Sassy loves friends and gets along with all the other dogs as well!

Kittie Louisa

Kittie Lou born on October 15, 2020 is a beautiful Red Golden Retriever girl. Kittie is a natural caretaker whether its humans, cats, or other dogs she’s the mama of them. She’s incredibly well rounded with a playful heart and yet she’s so calm and chill. Kittie truly knows there is a time to play and a time to be. She’s hands down one of the smartest dogs out of the pack. She was crate trained by 10 weeks, and picked up on commands such as sit, stay, and lay down by the time she was 4 months. She’s so friendly and such a cuddler.

Kittie Lou

Clancy S.P. James

Clancy Sweet Potato James was born on January 15, 2021 a sweet Irish Setter boy. Clancy is the youngest of the pack, but don’t let that fool you ! He is quickly catching up in size with the others. Clancy somehow gets cuter and cuter the older he gets with his big ol floppy curly ears and big ol eyes. Clancy is a lazy boy, lazzzyyyyy !!He enjoys his front porch daily napsss and going to baseball games. He truly doesn’t have a care in the world other than he wants to cuddle with his mama (haha). Clancy gets along with all the other dogs and critters.

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